Wallaces Pilsner - 5%

A Bohemian Pilsner with rounded malt character, biscuity and toasty.  Prominent use of traditional Czech Saaz hops to create a spicy/herbal profile.  Elevated bitterness helps to balance the malt, leaving this Pilsner crisp and refreshing.

Turon Widow IPA - 6.2%

Style: American IPA - Big hop profile! Exclusive use of classic American hops provides bursts of grapefruit, pine and resin. With a generous malt backbone, this IPA finishes clean, dry and bitter.

Seven Star Pale Ale - 5%

Style: American Pale Ale - Fresh and aromatic style. A blend of American and Australian hops highlights a balance of citrus and tropical fruits. Backed by a toasted malt profile, this pale ale finishes clean and dry with a subtle lingering bitterness.


Little Scotland Road Cider - 5%

Lovingly hand-made from locally grown red apples,  this traditional Normandy styled cider is hand-pressed and earth filtered without adding concentrates. It is clear, crisp, clean and dry. 

Golden Fields Wheat Beer - 4.7%

Traditional German style wheat beer with aromatic banana and clove with a lingering creamy finish.

Durham House Porter - 6.2%

Rich chocolate with smoked malts and triple A grade vanilla bean using lactose instead of dextrose gives this beer a residual sweetness. Very well balanced and layered beer.

Summer Ale - 3.4%

A fresh and highly sessionable mid-strength beer, A light toasted malt profile with an aromatic fruity hop character.

Bandicoot Amber Ale - 5%

Full bodied amber ale with bready/caramel richness. Hopped using classic American varieties Cascade and Centennial to provide a subtle hop profile. With just enough bitterness, this amber ale is balanced and highly sessionable. 

Hoppy Saison - 6.2%

Belgian styled Saison with a prominent hop profile. Light golden in colour with characteristic ester/phenolic yeast profile. A burst of dry hop creates a refreshingly aromatic beer.

Mosaic Red Ale - 5.2%

Single hopped American Red Ale. Upfront malt sweetness which displays a toffee like profile. Pronounced hop character with the exclusive use of Mosaic Hops to provide a berry like aroma and flavour. 

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